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Japan has some of the most interesting and unique attractions in the world - the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku; Mario Go-karting around Tokyo (Maricar); and of course, the popular maid cafes.

The maid cafes are themed restaurants where all the waitresses are dressed as maids. Initially, it sounds really kinky but there is absolutely nothing kinky about the maid cafes (it's pretty tame and child-friendly!).

We checked out one of the more popular chains of maid cafes in Akihabara - Maidreamin. If I had to compare it to any restaurant, it would be hooters. What Hooters is to Americans, Maid cafes are to the Japanese.

We are welcomed by one of the maids, sat down and bunny ears are popped on our heads. She explained that there is a charge of ¥500 per hour in the cafe and each person had to order an item from the menu.

What we noticed with their menu is that all the meals were presented in a really cute way. We ordered the 'Bear swimming in curry topped with a tonkatsu'. This was really yummy!

Bear sleeping in Curry - ¥1340 (exc tax)

We also had the Bear Hamburger patty with Veggies. The patty was coupled with a demi-glaze sauce. It was pretty good!

Bear Hamburger Patty with Veggies - ¥1340 (exc tax)

Finally, we had a super-duper cute omurice - which was shaped as 2 sleeping bears, covered in an egg blanket. This meal was alright. More cute than delicious.

Sleeping Bear Omurice - ¥1580 (exc tax)
To complete the meal, we opted for a Matcha sundae - shaped as a turtle. Kawaii!

Matcha Turtle Sundae - ¥770 (exc tax)
In summation, it was definitely a unique experience but once is probably enough - unless you're hoping to bring friends to experience it. Oh, and John got to take a photo with the maid lol

Watch the video here 
Press play to watch more of the maid cafe

If it doesn't work, you can watch it on Youtube here.

Maid Cafe Maidreamin


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