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We were lucky to dine at both Michelin Star Ramen restaurants in Japan where Tsuta was the first restaurant awarded a Michelin star. (Check out Nakiryu the second restaurant awarded in 2017) 

We had done our research before visiting Tsuta and were aware of the reserved ticketing system. So basically you visit the restaurant ahead of time (the earlier you arrive the more likely you will receive a ticket of your preferred time) to receive your ticket for an allocated time to come back for your meal. Each ticket will require you to make a ¥1000 deposit to ensure that you come back. 

We arrived at Tsuta at approximately 7am and there was still all times available for lunch so we opted for 1pm for lunch. You will receive a laminated 'ticket' which is colour coded to the hour timeslot you have chosen. 

Although we chose 1pm we arrived early at 12.30pm and found that there was already people lining up for the same timeslot. The ticket only reserves you a spot in the line at that timeslot however you still might have to wait when you arrive just depending on how fast people are dining before you (but better than waiting hours!)

We waited for around 20 mins or so and when we finally entered the restaurant we received our ¥1000 deposit back which we used in the vending machine to purchase our meal.  

Our meal came out promptly within 5 minutes. This is probably the most perfect bowl of ramen I have ever eaten. The noodles were cooked perfectly with a firm texture. The broth was light and full of flavour. 

The wonton was not soggy at all and added a great texture to the ramen. When we bit into the soft boiled egg the yolk oozed out perfectly (see video below).

Charsiu Wonton Ramen ¥1500 

If you ever visit Tokyo I would highly recommend making some time to visit Tsuta. Although you might have to make two trips to collect your reserved ticket I definitely would not regret it (and essentially saves you time!)

蔦 | Tsuta Japanese Soba Noodles
Address: 1 Chome-14-1 Sugamo, 豊島区 Tokyo 170-0002,  Japan
Hours: Open today · 11am–4pm, 6pm-9pm
Phone: +81 3-3943-1007

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