Rib and Pizza Runner, Revesby

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Menulog log is an online free takeaway service which allows you to search for restaurants and then place your order for either pick up or delivery straight to your door. They also have a very simple and easy to use app available for android and IOS devices which is useful for when you are on the go. I was lucky enough to be given a $25 voucher to spend on Menulog and perfect timing as it was one of those nights that I felt like lazing around the house and did not want to go out.

I downloaded the app straight from the iTunes store onto my iPad. When you launch the app, you can either choose to use your current location or search for a suburb and this will generate a list of restaurants nearby. I was really surprised by the list of restaurants available and found it so hard to pick a restaurant. It was useful that each restaurant had  a detailed and complete  menu online and it was so fast and easy to browse through different restaurants and what they had to offer. One thing that could make this app even better would be some photos of some of the food.

I went with "Rib and Pizza Runner"  as I felt a bit carnivorous that night.  They offered a variety of combos and deals as well as 10% for first time users. I decided to go with the Rib and Wing Combo for One which included 1 rack of BBQ pork ribs (you could choose from  BBQ, Honey Teriyaki, Plum or Hot & Spicy Sauce), 5 BBQ wings, 1 potato, 1 corn and sour cream ($22.90).

The layout and processes of the app was so easy to use. When I was done with my food selection, all I had to do was checkout, enter my delivery details and contact details then payment details; all done in the comfort of my own bed!

I placed my order at about 7.53pm and at about 8.00pm I received a confirmation SMS on my mobile to say that my order has been confirmed 8.45pm. They also send you an email shortly with a tax invoice. Although 45 minutes seemed a long time to wait for food, it went by in a breeze as I could go abouts doing my own thing at home (i.e. online shopping; I have a shopping addiction if you didn't already know). I hear the doorbell ring at 8.35pm which is 10 minutes before the estimated delivery time and was handed over a very heavy plastic bag.

I quickly unwrapped my dinner as I was pretty hungry by that time. For a takeaway business, it would've been nice if they included some cutlery or moist towelettes to wipe off my very saucy hands and face afterwards.

As far as pork ribs go, it is obviously not as good as you would get at a bar and grill establishment but they weren't bad at all especially for the price. The meat wasn't quite 'fall off the bone' as I would like them to have been but the tangy BBQ sauce they were smothered in was quite addictive. However the BBQ chicken wings were the bomb. The  wings were so tender and charred to perfection. Next time I would definitely order a 10 pack combo of these! The potato spud and corn were a good accompaniment to all the protein but an extra side of chips would've washed down well also.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied with my dinner for Ribs and Pizza Runner. I think it was definitely value for money and I was left with a full belly and a pile of bones. Even better, I didn't even have to leave the house or do the washing up.

The Menulog app definitely made my night even easier. If you don't have access to the app on a smart phone Menulog is available online at menulog.com.au and Ribs and Pizza Runner also take orders through their website as well. I wouldn't hesitate to use  the Menulog service again especially with the $5 off voucher they provided me upon checkout. I can imagine using Menulog for when I'm on the go in which the app makes it easy to browse for restaurants in my vicinity and as well place an order so I don’t have to wait for my food when I get there.

Ribs and Pizza Runner
Address: 9A Revesby Place, Revesby NSW
Phone: 9772 4455
Opening times: 5pm-9pm (Sun, Wed, Thurs), 5pm-10pm (Fri and Sat)
Website: http://www.ribandpizzarunner.com.au or order from http://www.menulog.com.au/rib-and-pizza-runner

Disclaimer: I received  $25 voucher courtesy of Menulog however all opinions are my own.

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  1. mmm i live around the area but havent checked out this place before, shall check it out soon!

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  3. your topic is very nice..online ordering system for restaurants and helpful to us....Thank you for the information