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Here comes another Surry Hills brunch blog! Devon Cafe is located on Devonshire St not very far away from Central Station. We were seated at the back patio area which gave off a very relaxing  summertime ambience.

However, the first emotion we had when we sat down at Devon Cafe  and looked at the menu, was devastation. The two items we came especially to try,  the "Little Lost Bread" and "The Ultimate Toastie" weren't available after 11.30am on the lunch menu! Unfortunately truffle season is over so The Ultimate Toastie is no longer on the menu.

Moving on, instead I chose to order the lunch special "Slow Roasted Lamb served with garlic confit, roasted capsicum, wild rocket, fontal cheese on sourdough" ($15).  I quite like the toasted sandwich; the lamb was tender and soft, and worked well with flavoursome fillings and sandwiched in between the buttery crunch slices of sourdough.

Fi ordered the "Cured Salmon sandwich special served with feta and betroot mousse and pickled betroot ($14)". The sandwich was fresh and light, the mousse gave it an interesting texture and colour but overall it may have overpowered the subtlety of the cured salmon.

Linus also ordered one of the other lunch specials that day; Mushroom soup with truffle oil and chives ($10). Although it had a rich flavour and was nice and creamy we all couldn't help notice the appearance and kind of resembled cement.

All the dishes being served at Devon Cafe looked very fresh and most of their dishes had some unique components  which you don't normally see at most brunch places. The servings were a bit on the small size as we were still hungry afterwards (we headed over to Chur burger afterwards).   However, I would definitely come back again. I loved the atmosphere of the cafe and the staff were very friendly. I'll be sure to come  before 11.30am to catch their breakfast menu especially to have the Little Lost Bread.

A snap of the scrumptious baked goodies at the counter. I was eyeing the magic muffins!

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Devon Cafe
Address: 76 Devonshire St Surry Hills
Phone: 9211 8777

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  1. you should definitely come back and try their baked goods! the banana and nutella muffin is all kinds of amazing!

    1. They did look divine! I will definitely be sure to grab one next time!