Amazing Udon in Shinjuku, Tokyo - Shin Udon 慎

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There are so many reviews and blogs online about ramen. However, I felt compelled to write up a post for one of it’s relatives - udon - after dining at a gem of a restaurant called Shin Udon in Shinjuku, Japan.

M and I don’t normally go out for udon when we’re home in Sydney. Each and every time we have it, it’s always a good meal, but there’s just something about going out for udon that’s just not…cool. Does that even make sense?

HOWEVER, arriving late one night in Tokyo, we decided to check out Shin Udon as it was really close to our Airbnb. Oh BOY was I glad we did.

The restaurant was super small and cramped, sitting about 10 people max. It was nice and cosy and the staff were super friendly. 

M ordered the Udon noodle soup with Beef and burdock root tempura. The soup was so well flavoured they should just bottle it and sell them alone. Flavourful and comforting. The beef was tender, tasty and it did not overpower the other elements of the dish. The tempura burdock added a nice crunch to the dish. The star however were the hand-made udon noodles. Just perfection!

Udon Noodles + Beef + Burdock Root Tempura (¥1250)

I opted for something a bit different. Hot soy sauce udon noodles, topped with slices of fatty chashu and a soft-boiled tempura egg. This dish was soupless but I did not care one bit.

My mouth was on auto-drive as the dish hit my table. The noodles were simply spectacular. Cooked perfectly and the right amount of bite and bounce. There was a generous serving of chashu (SIX!) of which all just melted in your mouth. The soft-boiled tempura egg was nothing short of amazing - super oozey and such a pleasure to eat. 

Soy sauce Udon + Sliced Chashu + Soft-boiled Egg Tempura (¥1200)

Like I said, I don’t normally go out for udon, but I would go out of my way for udon at this amazing joint. Top points for Shin Udon!

- J


Address: Japan, 〒151-0053 Tokyo, 渋谷区Yoyogi, 2 Chome−20番16号 相馬ビル
Phone Number: +81 3-6276-7816
Opening Times: Tue to Thu and Sun, 11am to 10pm. Fri to Sat, 11am to 11pm.

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