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After hearing and reading about Circa for a while, Linus and I finally made time among our incompatible work and study schedules to stop by for lunch. The cafe is a minutes walk from Parramatta station but can be easily missed as it is sandwiched between a restaurant and house. The cafe which looks like it once was a garage was decorated with graffiti art and features an interesting assortment of decor. We decided against sitting outside on the tiny stools and crates to preserve our posture.

Photos taken from Circa Website

When seated we were presented with the menu on mini clipboard holding pages of brown butchers paper. We spent quite a while deciding what we wanted from the menu, everything sounded so good! The food was resonably priced ranging from $7-$14 however I would say most items suited as a breakfast or brunch meal. SDE chose the poached free range eggs with shaved double smoked leg of ham, baby spinach, asparagus and hollandaise on brioche bun ($15). The smoked ham accentuated the mild flavours of the poached egg and asparagus which contrasted perfectly with the sweetness of the brioche and the creamy sauce.

I decided to go for the scrambled eggs with kiahler potatoes, shitake and enoki mushroom, parmesean, silverbeet on sourdough toast ($14). This was probably a bad choice on my part as I'm not a big fanatic of mushrooms in particular, so the abundance of mushrooms in my dish was overwhelming. However, the buttered sourdough bread was a good complement to the smoky taste of the mushroom and bitterness of silverbeet. Anyhow, I probably wouldn't order this again.

I would recommend Circa if you want a quiet shopping break or an escape from the bustle of Parramatta.  I definitely want to come back to try their coffee and other items on their menu. 

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Address:  21 Wentworth Street, Parramatta 
Opening times: Tuesday to Friday (7am - 4pm), Sunday and Sunday (8am - 3pm)

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