La Grilla, Canley Heights

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La Grilla is a new addition to the myriad of new eateries in Canley Heights. It promotes itself as 'Modern Korean' cuisines and houses dishes such as bulgoggi tacos and kim chi pancakes. The restaurant was near packed when we arrived on a Sunday night and had to wait briefly for a table. It looked like there was only two or three staff attending to the restaurant and were rushing around taking orders, bringing out food and cleaning the tables. 

I was quite excited at the menu, there were traditional Korean dishes like BBQ meats, hot pot as well as some modern fusion items. To start off we wanted to try the Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). We first had this awesome chicken at Beschio and wanted to see how it would compare. Sadly, it didn't even come close. It lacked the crunchiness you get with 'KFC' and lacked chicken in general. I felt like the dish was mostly batter drenched in very very sweet sauce. 

The bulgoggi beef tacos ($10 for 2) are one of the modernised Korean fusion dishes they have. The flavours were interesting but the beef lacked the classic bulgoggi flavour and was a tad dry. 

We also had the Korean grilled meats ($35). You can pick two meats from from a selection which included bulgogi, mild chilli chicken, mild chilli pork, soy chicken, soy beef rib, and chilli beef rib. We had the chilli pork and chilli chicken. It is also served with a side salad and side of rice. The dish did take a while to come out which was stated in the menu but I honestly did not think it was worth the wait.

Our meals were also served with refillable side dishes including kim chi, green beans, potato and deep fried glass noodles which were probably the main highlight out of all of the food we had.

I was excited to see a new Korean establishment open up in Canley Vale among the abundance of other Asian Cuisines however I wasn't totally blown away from the food at La Grilla. The food was decent and and the restaurant had a clean and quiet ambience although the service was slow. Although they had a wide variety on their menu I think I still prefer authentic Korean food and BBQ (Se Jong!!)  and rather make the trek into the inner west suburbs. 

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La Grilla
Address: 2/237 Canley Vale Road, Canley Heights 2166
Phone: 02 9724 5452

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