Beschico, Epping

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This is just a quick post about one of the most awesome food discoveries I've had this year, Korean Fried Chicken (KFC). You haven't had fried chicken until you have Korean Fried Chicken. What makes it different from ordinary fried chicken is the fact that it is double fried. I know, it sounds like double the fat but actually the use of double frying renders the fat out of the skin making it super crunchy.

Beschico is located on a busy road opposite Epping train station however when we visited on the late afternoon it was empty. The restaurant kind of reminds me of a bistro with the furniture and they also have some lounge chairs at the front if you just wanted to just enjoy a drink.

Moving onto the chicken, we decided to go with a mix of the Chico Hot Drumettes and Original Chico Drumettes just because we thought they would be easier to eat. With my first bite, I was in love. You can definitely hear the crunch with every bite, I could've eaten the whole plate. I particularly enjoyed the glaze on the hot drumettes a bit more just because I do like a spicy hit.

We also ordered a chicken fried rice to share as an accompaniment, however I think the portions were for one person. We only managed to get a couple of bites each among the four of us, however I didn't particularly mind as it was nothing special .

Everyone should really go out and try this double fried wonder next time you're at a Korean Restaurant!

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Address: 41 Beecroft Road, Epping
Phone: 02 9869 8188

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