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After having the novelty Ramen Burger at On Ramen featured at the Night Noodle Markets, I was really craving a good ramen hit. I have been hearing good things about Ryo's by word of mouth and JHL and I decided to make the 1 hour journey up to Crows Nest to satisfy our cravings.

Ryo's is one of those hidden places you would not take notice of and you easily pass by the restaurant, thinking it was closed.

From the menu you could pick from pork based ramen soup (tonkotsu) or ramen with chicken broth soup. The menu was simple and there wasn't too much variety in toppings you would see at more modern ramen joints. The did also have other offerings such as rice dishes, sides and other types of noodles.

We both love our spicy soup, so JHL ordered the "Tonkotsu RAmen in spicy hot flavoured soup w/ roast pork, egg and shallots" ($14) and I ordered equivalent but with the Chicken Broth Soup.

Below: Chicken Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup w/ roast pork, egg and shallots ($14)
Below: Tonkotsu Pork Ramen in spicy hot flavoured soup w/ roast pork, egg and shallots ($14)

The soup was flavoursome and addictive however we preferred it if was a bit thicker and denser. I think they were generous with the  pork and toppings in my chicken ramen but JHL was a bit upset that his Tonkotsu ramen did not come with the extra trimmings.

We also ordered the "Deep Fried Chicken ($8)" w/ mayo dipping sauce 'cos we fat like that. We were content with the crispy batter to chicken ratio as well as the serving portion.

You  definitely feel the authenticity of the this small and cosy traditional ramen joint. The walls featured the menu in Japanese running longways. We dined there at lunch and were lucky enough not to encounter the busy rush I have read about. The ambience was kind of 'hush-hush' and no one really spoke, everyone just quietly slurping away at their ramen. The staff didn't really speak English so I can't really comment on the service but the food came out pretty quickly.  They were generous with the portion sizes so it was value for money. Although the ramen was above average, I don't see myself making another trek up north to Ryo's.

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Address: 125 Falcon Street,  Crows Nest 2065
Phone: 02 9955 0225
Opening hours: 12pm-2pm for Lunch, 5pm-9pm for Dinner. Closed Wednesdays.

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  1. ramen would be perfect on a rainy day like today!

  2. I haven't been to Ryo's still, tried to go once but they were renovating! Looks awesome