Element 6, West Ryde

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I stumbled across Element 6 on Urbanspoon while doing some random shopping in West Ryde which seems like the quieter part of Ryde. Located across from West Ryde train station, I don't think I would've noticed the cafe if driving past as the exterior blended in quite well with somewhat simple shops around it.

However as you step into the Cafe you definitely get hit with the hipster vibe with the mismatched second hand looking furniture, quirky wall art and hanging light bulbs.

I started off with a simple Iced Mocha ($5 - extra $2 for serendipity ice cream) which was pretty standard. I also noticed that had a few other unique beverage options such as a variety of smoothies (even a green smoothie with kale, celery, spinach and other healthy stuff), malted milkshakes, sodas and ice cream floats.

Their food menu offered a variety of all day breakfast and lunch options which I noticed had some Mediterranean influences.

I gravitated towards one of my favourite brunch items, baked eggs. The elements in the dish were also quite unique in comparison to other baked egg dishes I've had; Moroccan spiced baked eggs w/ chickpeas, eggplant, haloumi, zhough and zaartar ($16.50) served with warm pita bread. You definitely get hit with the full Mediterranean flavours in this dish which I found a bit intense. I did however enjoy the addition of the chickpea, eggplant and haloumi which would've been enjoyed more if the spices where a bit more subtle.

My dining companion opted for a more simple breakfast option; Chubby Bacon & Sunny Egg Roll w/ onion jam, house pumpkin chutney and e6 aioli ($9). He was all smiles with his choice saying it was probably one of the best bacon and egg rolls he has had. After he reluctantly gave me a bite, I would probably agree. The pumpkin chutney and special condiments added some sweetness and extra flavour.

We dined at Element 6 pretty close to closing time but the cafe was still pretty busy considering its quiet location. I could see it was one of the popular places to pop for coffee or breakfast before the commute to work or to stop by to have a quiet lunch break.

Element 6 on Urbanspoon

Element 6
Address: 65 Ryedale Road West Ryde NSW 2114
Phone: 02 8021 2838
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 6.30am-3pm, Sat: 7am-3pm, Sun: 8am-3pm
Website: http://www.element6.com.au/

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