The Grumpy Barista, Petersham

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Short and sweet post about my quick stop at The Grumpy Barista. Most of you would be aware of the current 'cronut' craze but The Grumpy Barista has taken it a step further and are serving them up injectable style. If you haven't seen some snaps of them check out their Facebook page or Urbanspoon! I stopped by Tuesday afternoon hoping to try one of these mouthwatering creations; from Instagram it looks like the days special was Oreo Crumble Cronut with injectable Nutella *salivating*. However, I've heard and read that many times people have come and they have sold out, so I was crossing my fingers they would still have some by the time I got there.

To my disappointment they didn't have any of the injectable cronuts but at least they still have a few left! I chose the Honey and Pistachio cronut, rather than the plain which was also remaining. The cronut was fluffy and crisp and surprisingly very light and not oily like other cronuts and doesn't leave you feeling like you have developed coronary artery disease. The custard filling was also very enjoyable and also masked the oiliness. Only criticism was that the Honey and Pistachio flavour was not pronounced.

I also noticed the staff were quite pushy  and not the friendliest and the cronut seemed like it was just plopped on the plate and sprinkled with a bit of pistachio.. maybe it was just a long day for them..
Nevertheless, I can guarantee I will be back  and hopefully next time get my hands on their infamous cronuts and try their food menu.

The Grumpy Barista on Urbanspoon

The Grumpy Barista
Address: 110 Audley Street,  Petersham
Opening times:  Monday - Saturday 7:00am-3:00pm,  Sunday: CLOSED 

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