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This is going to to be a quick one as our lunch at Bills was spontaneous and the photos I have are from my iPhone.

I have actually been meaning to go to Bills for sometime but never got the chance. We were going to pop by the Wollahra branch as we spent the morning at Bondi Beach. Lucky I called ahead and found out it has closed down, so next option was Darlinghurst. It was fairly quiet and peaceful that afternoon and had a very mellow and relaxed vibe.

I already had an idea of what the items were on the menu as I have been eyeing everyone's snaps on Urbanspoon. The items I was tossing up between were the 'Sweet Corn Fritters', 'Brown Fried Rice' or 'Ricotta Hotcakes'. I wish I could've ordered them all!

I decided on the "Crab, Chorizo and House Kim Chee Fried Brown Rice" ($21) and I was not disappointed. I loved their twist on the traditionally Asian dish. It tasted fresh and full of flavour with a hint of chilli and who doesn't love crab and chorizo?

The yellow noodle (tapeworm a nother friend called) on the side was actually egg which was in awe about but it didn't really add to the dish in terms of taste. I also think I prefer regular kim chee to their house kim chee as it lacked flavour and spiciness.

My other dining companions had the "Full Aussie Breakfast w/ scrambled organic eggs, sourdough toast, bacon, roast, tomato, swiss mushrooms and pork and fennel sausage ($24.50)" and "Salt and Pepper Calamari w/ lime aiolic, fennel and green bean salad ($21.50)"

The "Full Aussie Breakfast" was standard but was definitely not worth the price. The Salt and Pepper Calarmari was lightly battered and cooked perfectly and was complimented with the creamy lime aioli. 

Overall we had a pleasant lunch at Bills. The quality of the food was above average (not mind blowing) but I did notice that most items on the menu were on the pricier side. If you have never been to Bills it is worth a visit to try some of their renowned dishes but I wouldn't add it to my list of regular brunch places especially if you were looking for value. 

Bills on Urbanspoon

Bills Darlinghurst 
Address: 433 Liverpool St Darlinghurst, NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9360 9631
Opening times: 7.30AM-3PM Monday-Saturday, 8.30AM-3PM Sunday.

Bills Surry Hills 
Address: 359 Crown St Surry Hills, NSW 2010
Phone: 02 9360 4762
Opening times: 7AM-10PM Monday-Sunday. Lunch menu starting from 12PM and Dinner starting from 5PM

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  1. hehe ive never been able to order anything else but the ricotta hotcakes from bills!