The Paramount Coffee Project, Surry Hills

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I immediately added PCP onto my list of places to try after drooling over Philsosophyy's instagram snaps. Since I was already in the CBD to do some retail therapy and damage to my bank account, I thought I would make a pitt stop over to this new Surry Hills comrade for a bite.

My brunch bestie ordered the "Crab Po Boy w/ soft shell crab, house slaw, ranch dressing and milk bun ($18). We were impressed with the massive size of the crispy deep fried crab sandwiched between the toasted fluffly milk burger bun. The crab was perfectly cooked, being crunchy but succulent at the same time and the heaviness was balanced out with the fresh slaw and the ranch sauce.

I was trying to be somewhat 'healthy' and opted for the lighter option on the menu, "Chopped Chicken Salad w/ poached chicken, cress, grapes, walnuts and buffalo mozzarella ($16)". The salad was refreshing and the grapes and dressing added a unique sweetness and the walnuts gave it a good crunch. I could've done without the buffalo mozzarella as it didn't add any extra flavour (maybe it was more of a texture thing?) and more of the poached chicken.

Disregarding my "being healthy" comment above, I couldn't resist ordering the "French Toasted Brioche Bread ($12)" as well.  It looked too amazing too pass up. The brioche was topped with banana custard, blueberries, chocolate dirt and pistachios. I was slightly disappointed with this dish, although the brioche was nicely toasted,  I felt the overall dish lacked sweetness and the flavours weren't distinguishable.

I can already see PCP becoming very popular. I did enjoy the contemporary and modern interior design of the cafe which gave off a very casual and chill vibe. I didn't try the coffee this time as I was already on a caffeine buzz from my zillion morning cups of coffee and tea but I guess that's another reason to come back (in addition to ordering the Crab Po Boy for myself). 

The Paramount Coffee Project on Urbanspoon

Paramount Coffee Project
Address: 80 Commonwealth Street, Surry Hills
Phone: 0410 311 494
Opening times: 7AM-4PM

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